CJ-4 / SH
E9 / E7
Available packing
  • Mid Saps (Low Ash) Technology;
  • Highest wear protection;
  • Exceptional ageing and oxidation stability;
  • Reduces formation of ageing products at high temperatures;
  • Meets or exceeds the latest exhaust emission requirements;
  • Excellent detergent- and dispersant characteristics;
  • Very good shear stability.
  • Especially for newest Euro 5 generation;
  • Excellent cold-starting performance;
  • Optimal operating reliability;
  • Reduces wear on catalytic converter and particulate filter;
  • Absolutely clean engines and particulate filters;
  • Low oil consumption;
  • All-year operation;
  • Suitable for extended oil change intervals.
Specific weight at 15 °C, kg/m³ 862
Viscosity at -30 °C, cP 7000
Viscosity at 40 °C, cSt 114
Viscosity at 100 °C, cSt 14.9
Viscosity index, - 135
Flash point COC, °C 201
Pour point, °C -27
TBN, mgKOH/g 8.4
Sulfated ash, % 0.96

Wolver Ultra Jet SAE 15W-40 – is an SHPD multigrade diesel engine oil of the latest generation. It has been developed especially for heavily loaded commercial vehicle diesel engines complying with the Euro 5 standard and with exhaust gas after treatment (particulate filters) and with EGR and/or SCR technology. It is necessary to use an engine oil with MID SAPS (Low Ash) technology to keep the after treatment systems operating correctly and without risk of malfunction.

Wolver Ultra Jet SAE 15W-40 – the reduced content of sulfate ash, phosphorous and sulfur is ensured by the selection of specially developed base stock and MID SAPS additives. This engine oil can also be used for diesel engines with Euro 3 and 4. Designed for use in heavily loaded commercial vehicle diesel engines under all operating conditions.

Wolver Ultra Jet SAE 15W-40 – LSP meets the requirements of European and North American vehicle manufacturers.


  • Commercial vehicle diesel engines;
  • with multivalve-technology;
  • with turbocharging;
  • with particulate filter;
  • with catalyst technology;
  • with EGR technology;
  • with SCR technology.