CJ-4 / SN
E9 / E7
Available packing
  • Provides extended drain intervals;
  • Low ash formulation extends the engine life and diesel particulate filter (DPF);
  • High resistance to aging and oxidation;
  • Stable viscosity for the entire service life;
  • Reduces wear and increases engine life;
  • Year-round use;
  • Excellent detergent properties.
  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Increase the operation efficiency and reduce the overall cost of maintenance;
  • Reduction of scoring and polishing of the mirror of cylinders (Bore Polishing);
  • Excellent low-temperature pumpability;
  • Reduction of downtime;
  • Minimal wear in heavy duty conditions on the drive parts;
  • Provides engine cleanliness.
Specific weight at 15 °C, kg/m³ 870
Viscosity at 100 °C, cSt 12.00
Viscosity index, - 138
Flash point COC, °C 230
Pour point, °C -33
TBN, mgKOH/g 8.2

Wolver Turbo Max 10W-30 is a new low-sulfur (Low-SAPS) multigrade motor oil for modern diesel engines of highly loaded machinery. Produced for the most severe operating conditions: modern trucks, agricultural and off-road vehicles, light highway trucks. Used in all modern types of diesel and gas engines including turbochargers, EGR and OMS, especially those using Low-SAPS fuels.

Wolver Turbo Max 10W-30 – is recommended for use in engines that comply with environmental standards (EURO 4/5/6) and meets the latest requirements of leading world manufacturers of machinery. Provides prolonged drain intervals for the early years of production machinery, even when using high Sulfur fuel.

Wolver Turbo Max 10W-30 – suitable for the most modern engines as well as for the engines produced before 2000:
— guarantees the maximum quality grade;
— Works effectively in maximum severe conditions;
— provides an extended drain interval.


  • Vehicles with gas and diesel engines;
  • with multivalve technology;
  • with turbocharging;
  • with catalyst technology;
  • with particulate filter.