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  • Extreme wear resistance;
  • High temperatures stability;
  • Exceptional viscosity-temperature characteristics;
  • Prevents foaming, even under severe operating conditions;
  • High resistance to oxidation;
  • High ability to withstand loads;
  • Neutral with respect to sealing materials.
  • Reliability of work under high loads;
  • Good operability at low temperatures;
  • Increased lubricity;
  • Year-round use;
  • Fuel economy up to 10%.
Specific weight at 15 °C, kg/m³ 853
Viscosity at 40 °C, cSt 39
Viscosity at 100 °C, cSt 7.8
Viscosity index 175
Flash point COC, °C 207
Pour point, °C -45
Color, - Red

Wolver ATF DSG is a high-performance premium-grade synthetic oil for dual-clutch transmissions. The product is designed for robotic systems with friction discs immersed in oil, which ensure uninterrupted DSG / DCT operation in difficult operating conditions.

Wolver ATF DSG-makes possible quick switching on / off of friction clutches, lubrication of synchronizers, ensures optimal operation of hydraulic servos and smooth, smooth running of the machine without jerking and loss of speed.

Wolver ATF DSG – special oil for robotic gearboxes with double clutch (DSG) of Audi and VW Group cars. It can only be used in cars with a “wet” double clutch in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Not applicable for use in other types of gearboxes.


  • Transmission with double-disk clutch of passenger cars according to manufacturer's instructions;
  • When changing to this oil, thoroughly clean the transmission and before flushing oil, wash the Wolver ATF DSG mechanism.