gasoline, diesel
D3306 / D4985
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  • Longer and outstanding corrosion protection;
  • Improved heat transfer;
  • Decreased right to compensation regarding repairs at the coolong system;
  • Suitable for mixed fleets, one product for cars, trucks and construction machinery;
  • Ecologically desirable because of longer working life;
  • Avoidance of foaming;
  • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials;
  • Compatibility with varnishes.
Relative density at 15.6 °C, kg/m³ 1119
pH value 50% vol aqueous solution, - 8.7
Freezing point 50% vol aqueous solution, °C -38
Colour, - red

Antifreeze & Coolant WG12+ Concentrate – is a concentrate based on 1.2-ethanediole (mono-ethylene glycol), radiator protection and heat exchanger agent for operation both, summer and winter with permanent frost and rust protection (for all-season use).

Antifreeze & Coolant WG12+ Concentrate – has been developed with high quality corrosion additives for motor and cooling system, and meets the current standard in the development of engine-building.

Antifreeze & Coolant WG12+ Concentrate – is free of nitrides, amines, phosphates and silicate. Contains a fluorescent dye to detect antifreeze leaks with UV light.

Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate is excellently suitable for motors being made of cast iron, aluminum or of a combination of both the metals and for cooling systems being made of aluminum or copper alloy age. 

Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate is especially recommended for light run motors where a special aluminum protection at higher temperatures is required. 

Recommended working concentration 50 % Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate and 50% water, radiator protection up to -37 °C can be achieved. Antifreeze protection down to -68 °C is possible with a maximum of 69% Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate and 31% water. 

Commercial vehicles to 500,000 km (ca. 8,000 hours) 
Passenger cars to 250,000 km (ca. 2,000 hours) 
Stationary engines to 32,000 hours (or 5 years) 

It is recommended, the coolant of radiators, to change all 5 years at the earliest, or if necessary with the achievement of the named stand-times.

Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate can be mixed with the most of the coolants based on ethylene glycol. 

To achieve an optimal corrosion protection and to avoid sludge formation, it is recommended to use pure Wolver Antifreeze WG12+ Concentrate. For the preparation of mixtures softened water should be preferred.