gasoline, diesel
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  • Extreme wear resistance;
  • High resistance to oxidation;
  • Improved friction characteristics;
  • Excellent low temperature properties, down to -43 ° C;
  • Prevents foaming;
  • High ability to withstand loads;
  • Neutral with respect to sealing materials.
  • Provides fuel economy;
  • Increases the service life and power of the transmission mechanism;
  • Exceptionally reliable operation under extreme conditions;
  • Good operability at low temperatures;
  • Stability of viscosity also at high loads at high temperatures;
  • Year-round use.
  • Wolver ATF 6000 waste oil is classified as Category 2 waste and must be disposed of in designated areas.
Specific weight at 15 °C 843 kg/m³
Viscosity at 40 °C 29 cSt
Viscosity at 100 °C 6 cSt
Viscosity index 157
Flash point COC 204 °C
Pour point - 43 °C
Color Red

Wolver ATF 6000 - the newest fluid for automatic transmissions based on HC base oils and high-performance additives. The unique composition of the oil provides extended service intervals, excellent resistance to wear and oxidation, efficient operation at the lowest temperatures.

Wolver ATF 6000 - recommended for use in modern stepped automatic boxes and hydraulic mechanisms for controlling cars, minibuses and trucks.

The performance of Wolver ATF 6000 covers the requirements of ATF DEXRON IID / DEXRON III F/G/H. Applied base oils and additive packages ensure reliable operation throughout the life of the operation (follow the operating instructions of the equipment manufacturer).


  • Automatic transmissions of vehicles according to the recommendations of the machinery manufacturers;
  • Vehicles with manual gearbox as recommended by the manufacturer;
  • For power steering as recommended by the manufacturer;

Not intended for use in DCT/DSG or CVT transmissions and where an oil with Ford Type F/G specifications is prescribed.

Wolver ATF 6000 is compatible with comparable oils and can be mixed with any of them. In order to take full advantage of Wolver ATF 6000, it is recommended to use it without mixing.